Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seriously Zac Efron?

What type of bullshit are you trying to pull? I know there seems to be a drought of creativity in Hollywood, causing movies to be remade, reinvisioned, and basically murdered by people who have probably only seen the original in passing. But of all the movies to revisit... you go with this one.
Now, I saw "18 Again" probably 18 years ago. I don't recall it being very good then. It had Pauly Shore in a minuscule buddy role and not much else to speak of. Charlie Schlatter(whose biggest role since has been "Additional Voices" in the Bee Movie video game) pretending to be a younger version of George Burns. HA! Based on the vast knowledge of IMDB we can only hope to expect the same from "17 Again" except George Burns will be played by Matthew (fucking) Perry. See none of this really matters because I have no intention of seeing this movie nor do I really care.

You know what? Fuck it...

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