Tuesday, April 28, 2009


House lawmakers in Massachusetts voted to increase the sales tax in MA to 6.25 percent, up from the 5 we were so accustomed to. Big fucking deal! What does that mean? My Double cheeseburger is going to cost $1.0625 now? Shit. That's terrible I guess, but lets face it you're just gonna go up to New Hampshire to buy that new washer/dryer anyway so while you're up there pick me up a carton of Camels and 2 gallon jug of Jagermeister. 108 votes to 51... a veto proof victory. Does anyone else think it's super lame that 'veto' is just 'vote' misspelled? Does anyone else think politics are fucking boring? Just me? Oh well, now to the weather.

Uhhhngh! Weather!
It's freakin' hot!

It's a hot day in Boston ladies and gents. Andrew Ryan of the Boston Globe refers to it as "a blast of unseasonably warm air" which, with the addendum "in the face", is probably the best description for the image above.
If the thermometer reaches 92 (which I think it already has) it will break a 'just of legal age' record of 90 degrees set in the spring of 1990. Because the dew point is particularly low this "blast of unseasonably warm air" isn't very wet... "in the face". The low humidity has actually driven the National Weather Service to raise a "red flag warning" because the high temp/low humidity combo is great for spreading fir
es. This alert will be in effect until 6PM after which I hope you'll join me for a "Red Flag Warning Lifting Party: Where We Get Loaded and Kick Some Hipster Ass In Pub Trivia" at the Brendan Behan Pub in Jamaica Plain tonight... I'll be there sometime around 8.

Not so certain how to end this...

We're all gonna fucking die!


  1. "futurecast" is a quicker way to say "forecast"

  2. For those concerned with my disappearance from recent blog posts, I can assure you that I am still sucking. Thanks for the concerned telegraphs.