Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally, the oficjalny TELEDYSK!

Well it's absolutely gorgeous in the city of Boston today. 75 degrees with the possibility of hitting, oh my god, 78. At about this point, I will be grabbing a beer or 6 from the fridge, plopping my ass on the deck and reading a book with my shirt off. Uh huh! With any luck I'll be able to avoid what happened last summer when I passed out and woke up with a book shaped white spot on my chest surrounded by a sea of red. Hey, whatever man.

Tonight I head to the Banshee in Dorchester to watch the Revs game... hopefully enough other people will show up so that maybe they'll like having us there (taking our money) enough to host us again. So come on down! 934 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester MA

Yes, Fran still sucks...


  1. I need to know why Fran is sucking so badly lately enough to have you comment so often on it.

    And the Red Sox are playing the Yankees today dude. If you watch soccer of that, you might as well start blowing dudes.

  2. I think Geoff was blowing a dude when he was typing since his grammar was a bit off.

  3. Sox game started at 4... Revs are at 9pm.

  4. Damn Geoff. You gonna take that from a 3 foot tall retard?