Friday, April 24, 2009

Everybody Sucks But Me...

So starts the last "real" day of my April vacation... and it sucks. Yesterday my dog woke up with the inability to move her hind legs. The vet checked her out and says she has a herniated disc (where the hell that came from I have NO IDEA) and anyway it's putting pressure on her spinal cord and basically paralyzing her. The two options were medication and hope, or a really expensive surgery. We of course don't have the money for expensive surgery or the credit to work out a payment plan so we opted for the medicine. Day 2 of this ordeal (Today) rolls around and she doesn't seem much better. I take her back up to the vet in about two hours for a follow up and then she goes to a neurologist this afternoon. I wish I could say I have high hopes for a good outcome but the way my month has been going (see: Mom's Stroke) I'll be lucky if we don't both die in a horrific car accident on the way back from the vet.
My birthday is next week so things really have to start getting better, right? What a bunch of horse shit.


Fran kinda makes me want to puke...


  1. I can't wait until the royalty checks starting rolling in.

    checks roll, right?

    Roll right.