Monday, April 20, 2009

Day off?!

It's Marathon Monday here in the fine city of Boston, and I am faced with a difficult decision. Now this is a day that I have, in the past, spent drinking. Today however I find myself completely god damn broke. I mean I have a few dollars, but I probably shouldn't spend it since I have to come up with a couple hundred dollars by next week in order to pay off parking tickets and delinquent excise tax before the registry will renew my license. Speaking of which it's my birthday on the 30th... send money. Ok... I'll probably get a drink or two.

After writing my first post it was brought to my attention that "rocket pizza" is a real thing. I was more than ready to call bullshit on this but I thought I'd let ye olde internette do the walking. Turns out "Rocket" is another term for Eruca Sativa... which is the fancy science term for arugula. Now I'm not one to use arugula for uh anything but far be it from me to tell people how to eat their pizza.

For the sake of fun I augmented my image search to "rocket pizza on the moon" and this is what that good for nothing webs provided me with...
Oh god damn it I hate the internet.

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