Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gummi Worms for Breakfast

LinkMake 'em say uuhhhnnnggh!

Went to the GWAR concert in Providence on Sunday night. This makes the 6th time I've seen them live, but first in a couple of years. The theme of this tour was that of Intergalactic Championship Wrestling (hmm guys in big foam costumes wrestling each other, what a novel concept) This tour also reintroduced Sleazy P. Martini after an absence of several years. They didn't have Gor Gor with them this time around which is unfortunate because it's a great song and a really great puppet. They did however have the massive "Reaganator" cyborg which was fucking awesome.

The chest of the Reaganator house the mangled body of his wife.

Like the morning after any GWAR show, I woke up with a sore neck and covered in fake blood (and bile). Good times.

I fear that I may have this H1N1 virus... formerly known as Swine Flu, formerly known as "The AIDS". I heard one of the symptoms is being really bored and pooping all the time. If so then I am fucked.
Me and my new cat, Dylan.

In conclusion...

PCD 4-EVA!!!

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